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Good marketing is often the ability to see the forest, not the trees. Producers often focus too much
on the market influences in their own backyard (the trees) such as cash price and local production issues.
The CBOT Futures Market takes in a broader global perspective (the forest). POET Grain’s Market Manager
Contract establishes a Futures Price based on a forest view of the market.



POET Grain’s Market Manager allows POET Grain’s team of corn merchandisers to establish the futures price on a quantity
and delivery period that you choose. You are only responsible to establish basis prior to delivery. Unlike similar marketing
programs, our team focuses solely on corn. We also have the advantage of having a finger directly on the ethanol industry.
Corn used for ethanol is the largest single industry use of corn in the United States and accounts for one-third of all corn used.
POET is one of the largest producers of ethanol in the world and uses as much corn as anybody in the US on a daily basis.
Our distiller’s grains continue to be a preferred feed ingredient around the world and we know the value of corn derived
feed ingredients against other commodities. POET has locations in 7 different states across the heart of the Midwest with
local teams conducting private yield forecasting throughout the growing season (hands on). POET Grain has developed an
awareness of the varying crop revenues per acre needed State to State where we operate. POET’s Market Manager goal is
to create a responsible futures pricing strategy intended to outperform the average historical prices that growers have been
receiving at our plants and keep you farming. If you don’t know if this type of contract is for you, call your POET plant and
ask them how your sales over the years have compared to futures. If you are average or below, then this contract should be
considered as a part of your marketing program.




Program Progress: Updated monthly and available from your local POET Grain team.
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